Monday, May 16, 2011

A Look at Christine Quinn's LGBT Record (including How She Abandoned Marriage Equality)

Protest Against Christine Quinn - A Look at Quinn's LGBT Record

In 2005, Mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered lawyers for New York City to appeal the trial court ruling issued by New York Supreme Court Judge Doris Ling-Cohen, who decided that marrying the person of one's own choosing was both a privacy right and a liberty right. If he really believed in marriage equality, why did Mayor Bloomberg appeal Judge Ling-Cohen's ruling ?

If City Council Speaker Christine Quinn really believed in LGBT civil rights, why did she change term limits in 2008 to reward Mayor Bloomberg with a third term in office ?

Watch has how protesters talk to one of Speaker Quinn's campaign donors -- and convince him to leave Speaker Quinn's fundraiser.

Even though some groups discriminate against LGBT New Yorkers, Speaker Quinn defends using city taxpayer money to support those hate groups.

More and more, as New Yorkers learn about Speaker Quinn's record, they, too, will walk away from her mayoral campaign.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Brad Hoylman Open Meetings

Brad Hoylman, CB2 Call Police : Is this a Violation of Open Meetings ? (CB2 Omnibus St. Vincent's Committee Meeting)

On June 14, 2010, Brad Hoylman, as chair of Manhattan Community Board 2's Omnibus St. Vincent's Committee, presided over a public meeting to discuss a proposal for a first aid clinic to replace St. Vincent's Hospital. With no hospital now in the Lower West Side of Manhattan, everybody is concerned about healthcare.

After one senior citizen became upset, Community Board 2 called 911 and asked for police to come to the meeting. Was the call for police a way to intimidate senior citizens from asking healthcare questions ? In your comments, please discuss whether the calling of police was a violation of New York's open meetings law.

See also the longer video version of the way Brad Hoylman does things.

What an outrage. If Brad Hoylman runs for public office, will he call the NYPD on every citizen, who complains ?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Quinn Booed at St. Vincent's Hospital Rally

At One Year Anniversary Rally of the Illegal Closing of St. Vincent's Hospital, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn are Booed by the Crowd.

Yesterday, it was almost like a repeat of the St. Patrick's Day Parade booing and the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire booing. Only the trigger that made the crowds boo at the unpopular mayor and city council speaker was the mere mention of their names.

At the one year anniversary of the hospital's closing, several speakers spoke at a rally, demanding that a hospital be restored at the site of the former St. Vincent's. Nurse Eileen Dunn worked for 25 years at St. Vincent's Hospital -- right up until the time that the hospital was closed after shady meetings between the hospital's management, politicians, potential buyers, and officials with the Department of Health.

Watch the booing beginning at 2:37 :

In this video, which was recorded on 30 April 2011, at the one year anniversary of the hospital's closing, Nurse Dunn asked if the crowd was angry at Mayor Michael Bloomberg or New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn for not doing a thing to help save a full service hospital for the Lower West Side in Manhattan.