Tom Allon

Updated (18 March 2013) : Mr. Allon announced that he was ending his campaign.

Tom Allon, Tom Allon, in an open shirt, with a broad, handsome smile.

Tom Allon released first TV campaign advertisement this week on NY1.

Campaign Website. Tom Allon For Mayor. Please check out Mr. Allon's interview with Errol Louis on NY1.

The New York Times has described Mr. Allon's priorities as "education reform and job creation".

Hospital Closings. In a fierce new campaign ad, New York City mayoral candidate Tom Allon asks, "Did Christine Quinn Bet Your Life To Become Mayor ?" The headline appears above a screenshot of City Council Speaker Quinn kissing billionaire real estate developer Bill Rudin at an October 18, 2011, speech sponsored by Mr. Rudin's lobbying group, the Association for a Bitter New York.

In New Ad, Tom Allon Slams Quinn for St. Vincent's Closure
Single-Payer Healthcare System. No known platform position, yet.

Term Limits. No known platform position, yet, but in the NY1 interview, Mr. Allon was critical of the term limit extensions.

Corruption/CityTime. In December 2011, Mr. Allon published a critical editorial in The New York Post about Speaker Quinn's festering slush fund scandal. In his first TV ad, Mr. Allon featured a reference to City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's slush fund scandal, in which it was discovered that Speaker Quinn was found to be stashing millions of taxpayer money for "later use" by using budget tricks to allocate money to fake nonprofit groups. Mr. Allon has the courage to take on Speaker Quinn.

LGBT Civil Rights. No known platform position, yet.

Freedom of Speech/Protest Permits/#OccupyWallStreet. Mr. Allon has spent one night camping out at Zuccotti Park with #OccupyWallStreet, according to The NYTimes. In the NY1 interview, Mr. Allon said that he would be open to more communication with #OccupyWallStreet. He also said that he was one of the 99%.

Education. Mr. Allon gave a long interview to The Epoch Times about his education platform.

Banning Horse Carriage Industry. No known platform position, yet.

Endorsement. No known endorsements, yet.