Gregory Floyd

Gregory Floyd Is No Longer Running For Mayor

Campaign Website. None. Mr. Floyd filed papers to run for mayor in September, but, by December, Mr. Floyd had ceased all campaign operations for the 2013 mayoral race.

Hospital Closings. No known position.

Single Payer Healthcare System. No known position.

Term Limits. According to a Federal lawsuit filed in Brooklyn, Teamsters Local 237 President Gregory Floyd threw the union's support behind Mayor Michael Bloomberg back in 2009 in exchange for preferential treatment.

Corruption/CityTime. According to the journalist Hunter Walker, "Mr. Floyd’s decision may also have something to do with the fact he lives in Long Island and would be ineligible to run for mayor without making a move to the five boroughs. Earlier this fall, we found widespread speculation among insiders that Mr. Floyd’s improbable candidacy was being encouraged by Mayor Bloomberg in order to siphon support away from rivals of the mayor’s chosen successor–Council Speaker Christine Quinn."

Therefore, Mr. Floyd's entire campaign was a farce orchestrated by Mayor Bloomberg, to manipulate the 2013 Democratic primary.

LGBT Civil Rights. No known position.

Freedom of Speech/Protest Permits/#OccupyWallStreet. Mr. Floyd said he supported demonstrators' right to protest, but his tax policies are not seen as progressive, even though Mr. Floyd is a union president.


Banning Horse Carriage Industry. No known position.

Endorsement. One Democratic consultant, who spoke with the journalist David Freedlander, said, that Mr. Floyd's brief candidacy was supposed to benefit ... "Christine Quinn so clearly you have to wonder if supporters of hers or supporters of the mayor’s who are also supporters of hers are whispering in his ear telling him this is a good idea.”