Anthony Weiner

Updated (22 May 2013) : Former Rep. Anthony Weiner has officially announced his campaign for mayor today.

He has tapped Danny Kedem, who has worked on mayoral races in the past, to run his campaign, The New York Post reports. (via City & State)

Anthony Weiner Is Running For Mayor, After All

Campaign Website. Mr. Weiner has a website, but it seems like it has not been updated : Anthony Weiner. Since he resigned from Congress, many "political pundits" counted him out, but now Mr. Weiner has entered the mayoral race. The short-term impact of his entry will be to scramble the campaigns of his Democratic mayoral challengers.

Hospital Closings. Congressman Weiner fought to save Parkway Hospital in Queens.

Single Payer Healthcare System. Congressman Weiner is a supporter of creating a single-payer, truly universal healthcare system.

Term Limits. Congressman Weiner opposed the way that New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Mayor Michael Bloomberg extended term limits by denying voters a referendum.

Corruption/CityTime. No known position.

LGBT Civil Rights. It is not known what Congressman Weiner believes about granting LGBT Americans full federal equality, but he has announced his support for marriage equality.

Freedom of Speech/Protest Permits/#OccupyWallStreet. No known position.

Banning Horse Carriage Industry. Congressman Weiner has avoided taking any position.

Endorsement. None, yet.

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