Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Hate To Break The News To You, But Christine Quinn Won't Be The One Who Makes Marriage Equality Legal In New York.

Now that we have elected a straight man to office, maybe we will see marriage equality become legal in New York, because we knew we could not count on Christine Quinn to do anything about marriage equality.

It is a poor reflection on New York City Council Speaker Speaker Quinn, a high profile gay leader in New York City, that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is the politician, who will take credit for making marriage equality a reality for New Yorkers. Although a municipal-based approach to make marriage equality a reality already exists, based on the Gavin Newsom model, seeing as how Speaker Quinn has not been the source of any marriage equality effort in New York City, hopefully, Gov. Cuomo will be the one we can all pin our hopes on, because we knew we could not count on Speaker Quinn for anything.

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