Friday, September 28, 2012

Christine Quinn : Moving on Up While Poverty and Homelessness on the Rise

Christine-Quinn-Million-Dollar-Condo-Magazine-Spread-Poverty-Homeless-Austerity-Insensitivity-NYTimes-Media-Bias, Christine-Quinn-Million-Dollar-Condo-Magazine-Spread-Poverty-Homeless-Austerity-Insensitivity-NYTimes-Media-Bias

Gary Tilzer, the owner of the most in-depth political blog in New York City at True News From Change NYC, has posted a fair use political satire photo illustration of New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's luxurious condo.

"For the next few days, True News will be inviting guests," to Speaker Quinn's new home, Mr. Tilzer has promised on his blog.

The magazine fluff piece about Speaker Quinn's luxury condo is the latest breach of journalism ethics by The New York Times. Activists have twice organised major demonstrations outside the world headquarters of The New York Times to protest what activists describe as an intentional campaign by editors of The NYTimes to only publish public relations articles about Speaker Quinn to help fluff up her mayoral campaign. On September 12, activists held this demonstration in front of The NYTimes building :

Prior to that, on August 28, activists held their first protest against the deliberate media bias, that promotes the political campaign of Speaker Quinn :

Activists have said that they believe that Carolyn Ryan, an editor at The NYTimes, is partly responsible for the editorial bias in the newspaper. Other activists also point out that because The NYTimes is losing money, as are other old mainstream media companies, the newspaper may be trying to curry favour with the billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who may end up having to provide financial support to fluff up The NYTimes.

Meanwhile, The NYTimes makes no connection between the political graft and corruption in city politics that is responsible for the 1% to live high on the hog, while the New York City budget shreds the social safety net, ignoring the rise in poverty and homelessness.

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