Sunday, October 20, 2013

Could Gov. Cuomo Fight With Liberal de Blasio Improve Cuomo's National Chances ?

Daily News : Andrew Cuomo vs Bill de Blasio On Tax Cuts Triangulation

From True News From Change NYC :

Cuomo "is clearly planning to take any available state cash and plow it into Lhota-type tax cuts." * The state's two Democrat heavyweights are on a collision course on taxes and spending. While tensions are natural between New York governors and New York City mayors, who often find they have limited sway in Albany, the looming struggle between Cuomo and de Blasio will be fueled by sharply competing governing visions, economic philosophies and political strategies.They are doomed to collide despite the fact that both are firm liberals on social policy: pro-gay marriage, pro-immigration, pro-gun control. Nor will they be spared by virtue of the fact that they know each other well: While serving as U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Cuomo hired de Blasio as New York Regional Director. The Cuomo - de Blasio title fight (The New York Daily News Editorial)

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