Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Christine Quinn 4Q Nightmare

Christine Quinn's ''Dream'' Fundraiser Turns into ''Nightmare'' as Her Personal Assistant Screams the F-Bomb to St. Vincent's Protesters.

LGBTQ activists, Health care activists, government transparency activists, public official integrity activists, and animal rights activists held a flashmob protest outside City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's fundraiser at Dream nightclub Monday night in Chelsea.

Many LGBTQ activists and allies joined the emergency protest organised outside Speaker Quinn's fundraiser. Many LGBTQ activists said they believe that Speaker Quinn should have started fighting for marriage equality in 2005, back when Mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered the appeal of a landmark gay marriage ruling. In all her time in public office, Speaker Quinn has subjugated herself to the misogynist domination of Mayor Bloomberg.

Donny Moss, left, with Allen Roskoff, right -- officers of the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club -- protesting outside tonight's fundraiser organised by Christine Quinn.

Still yet other protesters held up signs as a reminder to the U.S. Justice Department that nobody has yet to be indicted in Speaker Quinn's office for her role in the City Council slush fund scandal.

Community activists, who support the opening of a full-service hospital with Level 1 Trauma Center held up a banner, shaming Christine Quinn's ''do nothing'' record on saving St. Vincent's Hospital. The banner attracted hate speech from one of Speaker Quinn's highly-paid staff members, as indicated below :

Tony Simone, photographed right, a NYC official who is paid $113,000.00 in taxpayer money each year (plus opaque discretionary member item bonuses) and who reports directly to Speaker Quinn, left, told the St. Vincent's protesters, “F*ck you!” outside Speaker Quinn’s fundraising event at the ”Dream” nightclub in Chelsea.

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