Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Real Estate Industry Asks Christine Quinn to End Rent Regulation in NYC

The Business Establishment wants Christine Quinn to be your next mayor, so that she can keep denying you each of paid sick leave, a living wage, and a full-service hospital that might save your life.

Real estate developers are feverishly working to appoint Christine Quinn to be the next mayor of New York City, so that Christine Quinn can end rent regulation and turn all apartments into market-rate rentals. Real estate executives are mainly impressed with how Speaker Quinn shut down St. Vincent's Hospital in Greenwich Village, which Robert Moses was unable to demolish and ram through a cross-town highway decades ago.

For years now, Speaker Quinn has subjugated herself to the misogynistic male sexist domination of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has been on a scorched earth campaign to destroy the social safety net by trying to close firehouses, shut down senior citizen centers, cut childcare, layoff teachers, pretend like votes don't go missing, build luxury condos on the hallowed ground of St. Vincent's Hospital, make money from government information, and end Progressive Era reforms, we are left to wonder. When will the focus of irresponsible real estate development at the expense of the middle class spark a voter backlash, that will lead to mass protests at the city's legislature, or a revolution of the likes that have been happening elsewhere ?

What will be the spark that will trigger mass protests in New York ?

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