Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bill de Blasio Campaign Cash Reporting

Bill de Blasio issues "corrections" to campaign contributions report ; real estate developer Bruce Ratner's role is altered.

In a confusing series of moves, the 2013 mayoral campaign of Bill de Blasio issued corrections to his campaign contribution disclosure reports,The New York Post reported.

The campaign filing showed that Mr. Ratner raised $4,000 for Mr. de Blasio's campaign from three construction executives — Michael Kaleda, Joseph Posillico, and Lloyd Sokoloff. But after Mr. de Blasio's Campaign Finance Board's filing was challenged by reporters from The NYPost, Mr. de Blasio's campaign disclosed that Mr. Ratner raised an additional $4,500 from real estate bosses Anthony Mann, Richard Minieri, and Vincent Sciullo.

Then, after the $8,500 was disclosed as being linked to Mr. Ratner, the de Blasio campaign then issued another alteration to their report : "They said it was a mistake to list him as the 'intermediary' since the entire $8,500 was actually solicited by Robert Sanna, one of his top aides at Forest City Ratner Companies," The NYPost reported.

Nobody knows what Mr. de Blasio has to gain by changing the name of the intermediary (or campaign bundler) from Mr. Ratner to Mr. Sanna.

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