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Austerity Strikes Hospitals In Spain ; We Know What This Is Like Here In NYC

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Fernando Mora, Socialist deputy in the Courts of Castile-La Mancha, told the Cadena Ser that a judge had ordered on Wednesday the opening of a plant in Toledo, "l'Hospital Virgen de la Salud," which had been closed by the savage cuts applied by Maria Dolores Cospedal, to care for patients who saturated the emergency department. The congressman has posted on his Facebook account dramatic photographs that reflect the unhealthy overcrowding of patients.

This paper has not been able to contrast the Socialist deputy complaint. Nobody in the Health Service of Castilla-La Mancha, or in the Virgen de la Salud hospital confirm or deny the statements of Fernando Mora, quoting sources in the same hospital, said late on Thursday in the Cadena Ser that "a judge had to order the opening of the 4th floor of the hospital to accommodate patients who were in the hallways of emergency at the request of the doctors in this service, unable to serve them properly," declarations ratified by telephone by the parliamentary ELPLURAL.COM.

Thirty people in the hallways

Mora figure in thirty patients who were "parked" in the corridors of the emergency, "while in the hospital has ordered Mrs. Cospedal close to one hundred beds and multi-storey wings," says a ELPLURAL.COM The spokesman also Health of the Socialist Group in the Castile-La Mancha.

Hospital-Virgen-de-la-Salud-Toledo-Castilla-La-Mancha-Spain-Austerity-hospital-closings, Hospital-Virgen-de-la-Salud-Toledo-Castilla-La-Mancha-Spain-Austerity-hospital-closings

Medical Records in the sight of all

And the pictures speak for themselves. Fernando Mora has also hung posted several pictures on his Facebook account. As you can see, each one of the beds has a yellow leaf in sight of all who passed through the halls where, according to eyewitnesses, were listed the names and conditions of each patient, with no respect for privacy -- privacy and data protection to which every patient has the right, protected by the law.

And wedges without any privacy

So much so that the same sources state that the sick, unable to leave their beds to use the nearby bathrooms, had to defecate and urinate in their cots without any screen or curtains to safeguard patient privacy.

Letter reminding responsibilities

The deterioration of health services in Castilla-La Mancha has reached the end, with plant closures, privatization of hospitals, laying off hundreds of doctors and health personnel, closure of the points of call, the emergency removal of a hundred people ... so great is the concern of industry professionals, for example, the coordinator of the Basic Health Zone of Santa Cruz de Mudela (Ciudad Real) has sent a letter (see document) to the mayor of Viso del Marques, which ELPLURAL.COM was able to access, reminding the mayor that ... "all this will be within the limits of the criminal irresponsibility by the person who made this decision, as it would be impossible to meet emergency response times, let alone emergencies," says in her letter denouncing the situation that will be dooming the health district.

2012-06-29 CARTA-De-UN-MEDICO Coordinadora ZBS STA Cruz de Mudela Lourdes Garcia Del Valle Spain Austerity ...

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