Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Guardian Pulls Back the Curtain on Christine Quinn

Why do New York liberals support conservative Christine Quinn ?

The politics columnist for The Guardian, a newspaper based in the U.K., has published a report in which he questions the liberal and Progressive commitment by New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. No surprise.

"... I'm surprised that progressives support Quinn so much – I've never thought of her as much of a liberal," wrote Harry J. Enten.

Mr. Enten's report refers to Speaker Quinn's close association with Mayor Michael Bloomberg, her involvement with the term limits scandal, her horrible human rights record, and her blockage of the paid sick days bill, among other issues.

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1 comment:

  1. Unless Christine Quinn and the city council restores the term limits for mayor that was put in effect by a democratic vote -- she will NOT get my vote. the other year the coucil robbed us and overturned the term limit in a deal where Bloomberg will obviously endorse her. That is corruption by what is considered a legal process. I hate to think of myself as a one issue voter -- but this is a fundamental issue of democracy, that was NOT overturned in a court but in back-room politics that smelled of corruption. Bloomberg's reason (recession) was as valid as Giuliani's 9/11 excuse to attempt to over-stay in office. I am gay BTW and will not vote for Quinn just because she is also. If she works hard to reinstate term limits, then I may vote for her next election cycle when term limits are back in place.