Monday, April 1, 2013

Christine Quinn Slush Fund Investigation Update

Update : Six-year-old federal slush-fund probe is still costing New York City taxpayers (New York Post) The 6-year-old federal slush-fund probe into the City Council is still costing taxpayers, The Post has learned. The council paid $10,430 in September to the white-collar law firm Steptoe & Johnson — part of an $83,000 contract. The council has spent $513,868 with four law firms since the feds launched their investigation. Along with Larry Seabrook, two former members — Hiram Monserrate and Miguel Martinez — and two former council staffers have been charged in the scandal. (New York Post) * Chris Quinn and the Slow Motion Return of the Slush Fund Scandal (Village Voice) * Phony Allocations by City Council Reported (The New York Times) * 6-Year Media Cover-up Of Christine Quinn's Slush Fund Scandal (True News From Change)

A 2008 lawsuit against New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn was not successful.

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The Appellate Court ruled that each of (i) the U.S. Attorney's Office headed by Preet Bharara and (ii) the New York City Department of Investigation headed by Rose Gill Hearn were sufficient supervision for Christine Quinn's use of fictitious accounts to hide her City Council slush fund.

Preet Bharara-Rose Gill Hearn-Christine Quinn-Slush Fund-Triptic photo Preet-Rose-Christine-Slush-Fund-Triptic_zpsdd81e018.jpg

2010-04-15 James Riches v Christine Quinn Slush Funds Appellate Decision

But as we have seen, Preet Bharara and Rose Gill Hearn have done nothing to hold Speaker Quinn accountable for the slush fund scandal even though former New York City Council Members Hiram Monserrate (New York Post) Larry Seabrook, and Miguel Martinez were convicted for their role in the slush fund scandal (The Wall Street Journal) and political aides to former Council Member Kendall Stewart also pleaded guilty to charges in connection with the scandal (USA Today).

Preet Bharara is such a disappointment, and so is Rose Gill Hearn. Meanwhile, the corruption-enabler Ms. Hearn is one of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's main political puppets, and it is under her laissez-faire watch that Christine Quinn wants to bury the newly proposed Inspector General of the NYPD. Can we see how corruption is allowed to continue unchecked, when it is impossible for the Bloomberg-Quinn administration to police themselves when Ms. Hearn is fast asleep as a bought-and-paid-for watchdog ? Gimme a break.

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