Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Reaction To Christine Quinn's Secret Campaign Deal With Ray Kelly

Joe.My.God. Readers React To Christine Quinn's ''Secret Deal'' To Keep NYPD Commish Ray Kelly Out Of Mayoral Race

On Joe.My.God.'s blog post today, several readers posted comments criticising New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's backroom deal with Commissioner Raymond Kelly :

''Christine Quinn is a great example of why we shouldn't just blindly vote for someone just because they are LGBT,'' wrote KT.

''Quinn has been saying for more than a year now that the next mayor should ask Kelly to stay on. Apparently, Christine is a big fan of Stop and Frisk,'' wrote band.

''This all reminds me of the ending of The Devil Wears Prada,'' wrote Joe.My.God.

The tone of the blog post and the comments was very critical of Speaker Quinn for making backroom deals, for supporting Commissioner Kelly, and for supporting stop-and-frisk.

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