Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christine Quinn Voting Fraud Scandal ?

Christine Quinn's BOE Conflict of Interests : Her Campaign Team Wants To Change Elections Midstream, At Any Cost, To Win The Democratic Primary -- Even If They Have To Flush Democracy Down The Toilet (Again)

From True News From Change NYC :

Each of the commissioners that sit and make policy at the Board of Elections must be approved by the city council after having been nominated by the GOP and Democratic party leaders. Last month, the council reappointed another commissioner Maria R. Guastella after the long election day lines scandal, the slow vote count scandals and the fact that the board has not had an executive director in the last two years, since the last one left in a ballot tampering scandal.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's conflict is that her campaign team wants a fast primary, meaning June. They feel that with Quinn way ahead in the polls the faster the election, the better chance she has of winning. That is why many of her appointed commissioner on the Board of Elections have been pushing for a June primary under the excuse that a September primary would not give the BOE time to count the voters for a run-off. Can you imagine that after spending $100 million on new machines the Board of Elections still cannot count the same ballots it used to do with the 1950's built voting machines ?

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